• Specialist for
    technical translations
  • Expert execution
    Correct use of professional terminology
  • Prompt pricing offer with statement of delivery time
    Strict observation of delivery times
  • Confidentiality and professionalism
  • Complex translation projects simultaneously into several languages
    Translation into all world languages

Quality is not necessarily expensive. Traduko s.r.o. has been working for the German market for years. We are able to offer more favourable prices than most German translation agencies – and still maintain all expected quality standards.

The price of a translation depends on its size, on the type of text and on the extent of repetitions. Generally a calculation is based on the number of lines in the target language (1 line = 55 characters). However, it is also possible to use the number of words as a basis for calculation, which is particularly useful when working with CAT tools. Here it is possible to take repeated text into account and further clear savings are possible. This is especially appreciated by companies that have a number of documents with repetitive texts (e.g. when launching a modernized machine on the market or in the case of contracts and legal documents). The methods and tools used enable us to offer first-class quality at competitive prices.

Our prices are also favourable for small and medium-sized companies that sometimes have to invest considerable funds in translation of a wide variety of specialised documents, e.g. operating manuals, contracts, correspondence, etc.

Our team will gladly submit a preliminary offer (at the latest within 24 hours). Simply send us your text.

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